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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hey Comcast- I'm leaving you!

I wonder if this will work the second time…


At my house we have been Comcast customers for several years- just as soon as they had the cable connection to the internet in my neighborhood, I signed up for internet and later, cable TV service. I’ll bet it’s been 6 or 7 years that we have been Comcast customers.


But next week, I’m planning to switch to Qwest. I can get their highest speed DSL connection, 150 channels of television and our local phone service for less than 100 dollars; far less than the $150+ I currently pay for just my internet and cable television connection through Comcast and the $60+ that MCI charges me to keep a phone in my house. Last month Comcast tacked on $17 worth of extra fees on top of my regular bill that I didn’t recognize and couldn’t sort out through the explanation on the bill. Qwest’s basic home phone service is just 11 bucks, I can get their best internet connection for just $42, forever if I sign up for 2 years and I can get a special rate for the television connection for 12 months.


Comcast seems to offer plenty of special rates for new customers but they don’t seem to care so much about offering incentives to long-term customers. So I’m leaving. I’ll have new email addresses after the change takes effect to watch out for an announcement concerning those new addresses very soon.

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